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“A good online casino related domain name,” cries Emelina Prier, “Is worth every penny and then some – it is internet real estate and very valuable”

And, as time has progressed, transferring domains between registrars, especially online casino related domains, has become easier. The process typically takes about 7 days, and requires explicit use of important passwords, confirmation codes, and email correspondence. Without these security measures, domains would be subject to constant piracy, which is something many executives in the online casino sector wish to avoid at all costs. “We’ve heard of other businesses temporarily loosing their domain name to hackers,” said Jenise Kuklenski, President of Jenise Kuklenski INC, “but after a couple days, the name is recovered and doubly secured by the respective company at their domain name registar.” Much like any burgeoning market, many of today’s top online casino domain specialists wish they had gotten in sooner. “I wish I had started this stuff five years earlier – I’d be making bank,” laments, Rubano Rogerson, a domain name broker at the Bierley Garren Firm, “but hindsite is always 20/20, and I’m 100 percent certain there is still lots of money to be made. Last year alone, domain sales for online casino companies topped $10 million dollars, which tallied up to be a record setting year.” Also key to domain acquisitions, especially in the online casino industry, is choosing the right registrar, where the record of your ownership of a particular domain exists. Top registrars on the net include www.Godaddy.com, www.networksolutions.com, and www.enom.com. In the online casino sector, many choose to use more discreet registrars, including off shore companies. A few also use www.moniker.com and www.cnobin. “Privacy is absolutely key in the online casino business,” reports Joyce Mentel, an author of a major industry book, “once top domains are registered, their security, protection, and legacy becomes mission critical.” Recently, at a online casino domain auction sponsored by Ruland Kirch and Skillington Cotney Partners Ltd, the top selling domain name cracked over $250,000 USD, setting a new auction house record. This was also a record for the online casino industry, which until now, usually sees an average domain value of $50,000 USD. The best thing about buying a new, unregistered online casino related domain name is the price. At $5-$8 USD, getting a domain that no one else has registered is extremely affordable. If real estate sold for proportionately equivalent prices, people would be buying out farmers for a few thousand dollars. “This is good news for all those in the online casino marketing business,” states Wittner Dudas, “and the fact that internet related marketing only diminishes in cost over time means that soon original domain name purchases will be dirt cheap!” Several top internet online casino domain websites exist. Among them, www.sedo.com, recognized as a world leader in domain auctions, boasts annual revenues well into the millions. Online casino domains alone capture huge business. Another large auction house, www.moniker.com, is known for smaller, but higher value online casino related domain auctions. A few domains have gone for well over a million dollars, and www.moniker.com only sees domain values rising as time passes. “This is the future of the internet,” cries Locker Bocanegra, a representative from the online casino company Nannette Branseum Corp, “we’re getting all the gold we can find and turning it into diamonds.” One oft forgotten aspect of online casino related domain purchases is the use of email related activities with the domain name. “Email is so ingrained into the backbone of the online casino internet sector that many forget about it when buying a domain,” said Vina Husak of the Drayer Sarmento INC firm, “but when you think about it, you want a domain that people can remember, and a domain that is free of any blacklist status so that you can use it to freely communicate with online casino customers.” Domain name extensions are also of key importance. The top online casino TLD is obviously .com, but remember that country domain extensions and other TLD’s (.net, .org, .biz, etc.) can be just as effective if played together carefully during your marketing campaign. “We got stuck with a .co.uk version of the domain we wanted,” relays Deptula Grunewald, from Tumbleson Prince and Sons Marketing, “but we played it to our advantage by marketing heavily to those in the UK, and beefing up local SEO in Great Britain. The results show for themselves: we had record breaking profits last quarter.”

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In general, an interest rate of 8% or greater in the online casino industry is considered a good rate of return, while top earner Carolyn Panther INC garnered 21% last year

In the end, only invest what you can afford. Be prepared for the reality that your venture into the online casino field can result in significant financial loss. If you understand this fact, and at the same time have spent time researching prospective companies carefully, you should be fine. Those who just throw their money at the wall hoping for something to stick are the most likely to lose everything. Many more average investors, like those saving for retirement, do not know about the benefits of investing in the online casino market. “It’s a shame that our industry isn’t seen as more main stream,” bemoaned Thillet Cluff, CEO of Trudgeon Tucke INC, “if more main stream investors got involved through good brokerages, we’d see a higher division of risk across the board. This is especially important in our business model, because if we rely on one or two large investment firms, they can end up constantly twisting our elbows.” “I’m thrilled to report record growth in the online casino sector,” said Nocum Pastrano, an independent auditor, “this signifies that anyone who invested their money more than three years ago saw a 25% return on their money – which is fabulous.” Such gains are not unhead of, particularly to online casino related businesses, if investors can stick it out for 2-5 years. The online casino field was subject to a recent study by the College of Lipps Baden, a small liberal arts school on the East side of town. Led by Prof. Curl Yaccarino, students and faculty examined the financial figures of several companies anonymously, and used these numbers to create profit analysis and investment return graphs. “The students did a great job on this project,” said Curl Yaccarino, “and they took it very seriously. Confidentiality, especially in the online casino market, is of core important, and these students were able to finish a great analysis without duress.” “online casino investing may seem daunting to some,” said Ivory Fontes, a private investor, “but it’s really no different than the enigma of day-trading or forex. People are not necessarily afraid of investment process, but merely of the high risk involved.” Risk in the online casino industry is certainly a factor, however, it can be mitigated by picking the right companies for your money. Picking the top company is easy, but not always the top earner. “Sometimes,” says Patty Rubinson, “it’s better to look through the mid-range online casino companies for ones with strong growth potential.” In the past, making a foray into the online casino field meant years of research and lengthly risk assessment analysis. All this extra work required substantial start-up capital, which meant new businesses needed a lot of investors. “Now,” concludes Camelia Navia, of the firm Lesiak Hadiaris and Partners, “with the internet and vast array of research information available, starting up is much easier and significantly less costly. This allows us to push profits right away, and to establish a solid presence in the online casino field quickly.” Investing money, particularly in a online casino business, is always considered a risky move, but it can pay off dividends. The key is to diversify your principle across several different companies, if possible, and give it a year to three years to mature. “I always tell my online casino clients to wait at minimum 18 months before evaluating the success of a particular investment,” says Rindfleisch Petrucci, a broker with Nicolle Salley and Blausey Sinard Ltd, “that way, those who get jittery early on allow themselves a chance to see the investment through. A great book on investing in the online casino sector was written by Schmelzer Dennie, a prominent author and Professor of Economics at the University of Petrucelli Papillion, located down town. Petrucelli Papillion has written some ten different works, that all deal with risk management in a dynamic economy. “When putting your money on the table,” writes Petrucelli Papillion, “be prepared for a wait of, on average, 3 – 5 years before expecting any sort of return. That is the way the online casino market works, and with patience, you can walk with big money.”